Bankley Studios & Artists Gallery

Ellie Nicholls

I am a visual artist, working predominately in paint and collage. I am aiming to develop an idiosyncratic range of patterns, colour palettes, motifs and textures which I will employ to create playful imagery/ picture plains.

In my current practice I want to visually express some of my own ineffable notions of femininity— to explore archetypal female forms and how I, as woman, identify with or reject them. Whilst reverential (if not daunted) by the vast cannon of what Art History has to say about the classical female form, I actively want to make work that communicates the headstrong impulsivity I felt whilst making it. The seemingly flippant or slight gestures I may put down might portray vulnerability or a seeming instability, but actually, to show this vulnerability is part of my conscious expression.

I take my inspiration from conventionally female domains; interior design magazines, fashion and beauty blogs and through various internet image trawls.