Bankley Studios & Artists Gallery

The Bankley experiment

The Bankley experiment

Starts: 9th Mar 2018 | Ends: 11th Mar 2018

PV 9th March 2018, 7-9pm
Exhibition continues 10th & 11th March 12-4pm

Alyson Olson
Polly du Cros
Paul Bramley

Following on from previous collaborations, Alyson, Polly and Paul have been developing a dialogue between their practices, which lie between painting and sculpture with a mutual interest in discarded, ubiquitous materials. Process and materiality are at the root of their practices but each have a common interest in how the audience respond to the work in the space and the social comments that come from using these materials. For this ‘experiment’ they have continued this dialogue; but have focused on directing each other in the processes, removing the ‘hand’ of each other within the work and making decisions using the commands from each other to develop the installation. By orchestrating the work in this way, they have chosen to remove any ego that may be contained within the work and build a strong trust within the liminal space of the collaboration.