Bankley Studios & Artists Gallery

Prop Me Up

Prop Me Up

Starts: 13th Jul 2018 | Ends: 22nd Jul 2018

13-22 July 2018
Preview: 6-9pm, Friday 13th July 2018
Open Saturdays & Sundays 12-4pm

Artists: Nancy Allen, Katrina Cowling, Rose Nicholas, Genevieve Slater and Emily Woolley.

Prop me up is presented by Kieran Leach and Precious Innes under the moniker

The exhibition features five artists exploring the narrative and theatrics of making by using performative constructs within staged environments to create a flux between reality and illusion. Props highlight the absurdity of their own structure and commentary with work that physically holds itself up, mimicking and distorting its own sensibility. Within the works teeters fragility and a softness that balances on rigid edges. Throughout the show kinetic elements are echoed by graphic representations of cartoonised motion. There are hints of exaggerated functionality and furniture from the everyday, elevated to administer theatrics and action, evoking presence yet absent of the puppeteer.