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New Art Spaces: Rochdale Launch Event & DIS:Connect Exhibition

Started: 17th Mar 2018 | Ended: 31st Mar 2018

New Art Spaces: Rochdale Launch Event & DIS:Connect Exhibition
Former Bankley Artist in Residence Ness Donnelly and Bankley member Stacey Coughlin are exhibiting new work at Castlefield Gallery's New Art Spaces at the Wheatsheaf Shopping Centre, in the heart of Rochdale town centre, on Saturday 17 March, 12-5pm, Sunday 18 March, 12-4pm, Fri 30th & Sat 31st March 12-5pm

Castlefield Gallery is at the forefront of supporting artists, nurturing artistic talent, and the development of new work in the North West, and New Art Spaces is an initiative that sees Castlefield Gallery creating dynamic project spaces for artists, artist collectives and artists development agencies across Greater Manchester.

Working in partnership with landlords and developers, Castlefield Gallery’s New Art Spaces make use of temporary vacant retail, office and light industrial units.

Castlefield Gallery is now working with MCR Property Group to transform the temporarily vacant, former TJ Hughes unit at the Wheatsheaf Shopping Centre into artist production and exhibition space.

The artists John-Paul Brown, Stacey Coughlin, Ness Donnelly, Tracy Hurst, Nicole Prior, and Karen Rogers will launch the space with their exhibition DIS:Connect. On the day members of the public will be able to meet the artists, explore the artist workspaces, as well experience the exhibition.

The artists – all members of Castlefield Gallery Associates, a professional development scheme for artists, art-writers, and curators – have devised the DIS:Connect exhibition in response to working in the temporarily vacant unit; disconnected from its original use, but repurposed by Castlefield Gallery and the artists.

ADDRESS | New Art Spaces: Rochdale, The Wheatsheaf Shopping Centre, Baillie St, Rochdale OL16 1JZ

'Places I Want To Be' (curated by Joe O'Rourke)

Started: 23rd Feb 2018 | Ended: 17th Mar 2018

'Places I Want To Be' (curated by Joe O'Rourke)
Bankley Member Joe O'Rourke presents 'Places I Want To Be' at PS Mirabel.

‘This exhibition presents my work accompanied by the work of other artists I have selected: Alex Weir, Jake Russell, John Brown, Jesse Rivers, Ned Armstrong, Harry Frost, Linda Hemmersbach, Thomas Musgrove, Theo Christy, Gregor Horne. I came across the theme at work, in my cafe job, just from thinking about places I wanted to be. In my studio painting, back at art school, on holiday swimming in the sea with my girlfriend, playing football with mates. Its a simple idea, but I kept on thinking about it and its resulted in this exhibition.

Throughout our lives we all think about other places that we want to be, whether they are real or fictional. From wanting to live in the world of Harry Potter as a kid, to wanting to live in the Costa del Sol once you have grandkids. The emotion of wanting to be somewhere else is hard to understand in yourself. Are you being ungrateful with what you have, a case of the grass is always greener? Or, is it genuinely an honest wanting to be somewhere better for yourself and others, why else would you go there in your dreams? Even if we are thinking of a real place, is it real in the way that we think of it? We all form attachments to real places through real experiences, but the places that we think about being, and how we imagine or remember those places to be, can be formed and shaped by many things including films, television, books, music, food, art, and advertising. Sights, smells, sounds and tastes all have the ability to represent places and to take us in our minds to somewhere else.

I invited artists to respond to the title ‘Places I Want To Be’. The exhibition presents these responses in their variety. There are paintings that are born from memories and nostalgia. There are paintings that comically draw from idealised representations of places. There are paintings that express a place you wouldn’t want to be. There are paintings that are themselves a place; made from the materials of a place, that place being the studio, the studio being the place they want to be. The show also features some collaborative works by myself with Jake Russell and Alex Weir, two friends that I graduated with in June from Edinburgh College of Art. Over the past month we have kept in touch by doing some collaborations by post. I think of this process itself as responding to the theme, as making work with each other back at art school is a place we three want to be.'

PV 23 February 2018 at 18:00–21:00
Exhibition open Saturdays 17th Feb - 17th March,

PS Mirabel
14/20 Mirabel Street, Manchester

Ruth Murray: Kerfuffle

Started: 30th Jan 2018 | Ended: 17th Feb 2018

Ruth Murray: Kerfuffle
Bankley member Ruth Murray is presenting works created between 2010 and 2017 in her solo show 'Kerfuffle' at the North Wall Arts Centre.

The main themes of Ruth Murray’s practice are the tension of change, the agitation of youth and the feelings of alienation and paranoia associated with misunderstood experiments/rituals. Ruth’s iconography is developed from everyday stories, places and faces, but also makes use of elements from older visual languages and across the boundaries between ‘high’ and ‘low’ culture.

Ruth hopes the viewer will question their perception of reality before her paintings. By infusing the familiar with eeriness, sometimes using domestic spaces or nostalgic triggers associated with an idealized, utopian childhood state, she offers glimpses of strange acts and private moments that expose personal stories and secret worlds.

Open Monday – Friday 10am – 4pm, and from 12pm – 4pm on Saturdays.

The North Wall Arts Centre
South Parade

The Columbia Threadneedle Prize 2018

Started: 31st Jan 2018 | Ended: 17th Feb 2018

The Columbia Threadneedle Prize 2018
Bankley members Ruth Murray and Paul Dodgson have been nominated for The Columbia Threadneedle Prize 2018.

The £20,000 Columbia Threadneedle Prize, UK and Europe’s pre-eminent prize for figurative and representational art, showcases important new works by emerging and established artists.

“An engine of change” is how the outspoken and controversial former art critic of the Evening Standard Brian Sewell described the arrival in 2008 of this new art prize dedicated to figurative painting and sculpture. While the great engines of public patronage had driven figurative art into the shadows, here was an art prize, “capable of achieving a greater good than any other”.

Does a work of figurative art always require a figure? Can the painting of a brick wall ever be called figurative? What is the role for photo-realism in representational art? Isn’t it more important, observed Frank Auerbach, that an artist is free to create a new thing for the world, “that remains in the mind like a new species of living thing”. This Prize believes it is.

Open Mon-Sun 10am to 5pm (closes 1pm on final day) | Admission Free

Mall Galleries
The Mall
London SW1

Curiosities Exhibition

Started: 2nd Nov 2017 | Ended: 9th Dec 2017

Curiosities Exhibition
Bankley member Helen Wheeler is taking part in the group exhibition 'Curiosities' at AIR Gallery in Altrincham.

Curiosities is an exhibition of extraordinary artwork that celebrates the curious and unusual in modern day art. Featuring the work of 12 prominent artists from across the U.K, this exhibition
aims to entice, excite and encourage visitors to explore.

Curiosity in itself is a fundamental part of any artist; that need to analyze, inquire and experiment is the starting point of any work of art. The inquisitive mind of the artist is reflected throughout the works on show, with artworks that dissect, transform and fall outside the usual constraints.

Exhibition dates: Thursday 2nd November- Saturday 9th December.

Opening Event: Thursday 2nd November: 18:00–20:00

AIR Gallery
Grosvenor Road
WA14 1LD

Recollection : Memory & Time

Started: 28th Jul 2017 | Ended: 10th Sep 2017

Recollection : Memory & Time
Bankley member Stacey Coughlin and former Graduate Artist in Residence Leo Robinson are exhibiting in 'Recollection: Memory & Time' at the Portico Library.

Accompanying the 2017 Portico Library Reminiscence Project for people with dementia and their carers, five contemporary artists consider different aspects of ‘memory’. With books from the library’s collection and interactive artworks, ‘Recollection: Memory & Time’ offers opportunities for visitors to join the conversation and share their stories. Exhibiting artists: Asia Triennial Manchester Director Alnoor Mitha, Neo Artists’ Maggie Hargreaves, Jameel Prize nominee Saima Rasheed, Bankley Studios’ Stacey Coughlin and Cult Party’s Leo Robinson.

28th July - 10th September 2017
Free public launch: Thursday 27th July 2017, 6pm - 8pm

Colour & I Are One

Started: 20th May 2017 | Ended: 16th Jul 2017

Colour & I Are One
Bankley member James Roper is exhibiting in a group exhibition celebrating the joy of colour through painting, sculpture and film.

It was Paul Klee who exclaimed “Colour and I are one. I am a painter” following an epiphany while on a trip to Tunisia in 1914.

Each of the seven colourists represented in Saul Hay Gallery’s fourth exhibition bring to their work a deep understanding of the language and power of colour to evoke an emotional response in the viewer.

Gareth Griffiths | Pete Hoida | Karol Kochanowski | James Roper
Sabrina Schmid | Stephen Snoddy | Patricia Volk

Preview: Friday 19th May 2017 6.00 - 8.30pm
Exhibition continues until 16th July 2017
Open Wed - Sat: 10.30 to 6.00, Sunday: 10.30 to 5.00

Saul Hay Gallery
Railway Cottage
33a Collier St
M3 4LZ

GM Arts Prize 2017

Started: 10th May 2017 | Ended: 2nd Jun 2017

GM Arts Prize 2017
Bankley member David Lunt has been nominated for the Greater Manchester Arts Prize 2017

The GM Arts Prize Exhibition is an exciting new forum for promoting, championing and showcasing the work of emerging Greater Manchester artists, as well as bringing artists and business together.

The exhibition will feature the winner of the 2017 GM Arts Prize, along with the 3 runners-up and the shortlisted entries. The exhibition features artworks across a variety of media.

The exhibition is open on the following dates and times, to register your attendance please select the relevant date and contact:

24TH MAY 5.30PM – 7.30PM

Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce,
Elliot House, 151 Deansgate,
Manchester, M3 3WD


Started: 6th Apr 2017 | Ended: 13th May 2017

5D is an interactive, immersive installation from Bankley member Paul Dodgson with a performance created by Eliza Caloe and Aiden Ross.

SLOE Gallery
Mirabel Studios, 14/20 Mirabel Street, M3 1PJ Manchester

PV 6th April 2017 6-9pm
Open Sat 11-5pm until 13th May 2017 Dark Times

Started: 24th Feb 2017 | Ended: 15th Apr 2017 Dark Times
Bankley member James Ackerley is exhibiting in '...In Dark Times', an exhibition on the thingness of things in the age of the thingless medium, alongside Rebecca Halliwell-Sutton, Bex Ilsley, Charlie Godet Thomas, Lindsey Mendick, and Zadie Xa.

PV 23 Feb 6-8pm
24 Feb - 15 Apr 2017
Open Wednesday -Sunday, 1-6pm

Castlefield Gallery
2 Hewitt Street
Manchester, M15 4GB