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Dave Lunt

David Lunt is a Manchester born artist who studied BA Fine Art at Loughborough University 1997-2000 and MA Art and Design Studio Practice 2004-05.

He has exhibited work in a number of recognised institutions notably FACT (Liverpool) Cornerhouse (now HOME Manchester), The Portico Library (Manchester) and The Harris Museum (Preston) and in 2017 was shortlisted for the ‘Greater Manchester Art Prize’. More recently he has exhibited with London based astronomy collective ‘Lumen’ and ‘Artgene’ in Cumbria.

“My practice explores the fine line that separates science fact from science fiction. Incorporating 2d traditional pieces with digital sculpture and animation. My work has focused on a number of subjects including cartography, astronomy, geology, exploration and the future of human survival. Recent pieces have been based primarily on the discovery/study of planets, moons, and the unfamiliar landscapes within our own solar system and beyond and the potential they may hold. In 2019 we celebrated 50 years of the moon landings I am equally as interested to consider where exactly we may be as a species in the next 50”.

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