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Raul G Loya

Raul G Loya is a freelance artist who specialises in mural painting, illustration and printmaking.
He was born in Mexico City and since 2008 he is based in Manchester, UK.
Raul graduated in 2002 at the Faculty of Art and Design formerly known as the National School of Fine Art, Mexico City.
Raul Gutierrez’s artwork focuses on expressing the human values in which he believes in, such as social justice, knowledge, solidarity and critical thinking.
Formally he has a figurative approach that combines with flat colours and geometric figures that construct spaces and atmospheres. Dynamism is frequently present in his work.
He has painted murals and exhibited his artwork in the United Kingdom, Spain, USA and Mexico.
He also is the founder of La Chuleta Press an independent illustration and printmaking project specialised in the creation of mural paintings, fine art prints, T-Shirts, greeting cards, illustrations and other printed products.
Raul’s clients include: The V&A Museum, London (UK); Selina Hostals, Manchester UK; Manchester City Council; Wilbraham Primary School (UK); Twenty Twenty Two Bar, Manchester UK; Adactus Housing Group (UK); Nodo MX (Spain); PS Mirabel Studios & Gallery (UK); 20th Century Fox (USA); Walt Disney Productions (USA) and private collectors.

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