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Rebecca Browne

Originally from Belfast, Ireland, Rebecca moved to Leeds in 2012 to partake in the UAL Foundation Diploma at Leeds College of Art before moving to Manchester and graduating from Manchester School of Art in 2016 with a degree in Fashion. Taking the term ‘fashion’ loosely, Rebecca explores experimental ways of pattern cutting, taking fabric and ‘removing painful memories’ before creating textile sculptures that hang from the ceiling, giving the viewer a 360-degree view. Rebecca is fascinated in neuroscience and explores the relationship between music, memory and the brain. Rebecca combines scientific research on the brain; theme’s including Alzheimer’s, Brain injury, Music’s effect on the brain and Synaesthesia, with the textures within the erosion of geology to inform her experimental approach to textiles. Rebecca takes photographs of landmarks that hold sentimental value and memories when she visits Ireland to inform her textural research and in particular is very inspired by Co. Donegal. Rebecca encourages freedom and mistakes in her method of painting, experimenting with unusual forms of mixed media to portray her concept whilst playing with the idea of scale. Over eighty meters of fabric featuring intricately beaded patterns was created in ‘Memory is an Interpretation’, which was exhibited in shows across Ireland, England and America.

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