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Miniature Worlds

Miniature Worlds

Starts: 17th Nov 2016 | Ends: 22nd Jan 2017

Bankley member Claire Tindale is exhibiting in 'Miniature Worlds' at Castlefield Gallery, alongside Iain Andrews, Annie Carpenter, Paul Evans, Hondartza Fraga, Steven Gartside and Eleanor Mulhearn, Matthew Houlding, Manchester Astronomical Society, Monty and Simon O’Sullivan.

This winter Castlefield Gallery brings you Miniature World, an exhibition of film, sculpture, 2D work, astronomical artefacts, miniature models, and diagrams of the finite-infinite relation. Acknowledging our relentless pursuit for knowledge, the exhibition considers the potential of things in small-scale to help us understand, document and communicate the world in which we find ourselves, ultimately arriving at the joy we find in these modest-sized artefacts in their own right.

Exhibition PV 6pm-8pm on Thursday 17 November with welcoming speeches from outgoing Director, Kwong Lee and Castlefield Gallery’s new Director, Helen Wewiora at 6:30pm.

Exhibition continues: 18 November 2016 - 22 January 2017 (Closed for the festive season: 24 Dec 2016 – 3 Jan 2017)
Gallery open Wed – Sun 1-6pm

Castlefield Gallery
2 Hewitt Street, M15 4GB Manchester