Bankley Studios & Artists Gallery

Bullhuman: Laura Bygrave

Bullhuman: Laura Bygrave

Starts: 4th Aug 2023 | Ends: 20th Aug 2023

A solo show from Bankley Open Call 2022 winner Laura Bygrave

Opening Night
7-9pm Friday 4th August 2023

Exhibition Continues
12-4pm Saturdays + Sundays until 20th August

Bankley Gallery is very excited to present Bullhuman, a debut solo exhibition from Laura Bygrave. After being selected as the Winner of Bankley Open 2022 by judges Ruth Murray and Matt Rettalick, Laura has been working on a series of new works, which will be shown alongside paintings made in the last three years.
‘Lying in bed reading a story about a great big bullfrog, my son asks why ‘a frog could be a bull-frog when it’s not a cow-creature?’. I explain how the word bull can be used to describe a hot headed, puffed-up, huge version of a species - bullfrogs, bulldogs… It can also describe a clumsy person, someone who might thrash around in a china shop.
As I’m saying this it strikes me that this idea of ‘bull’ could describe my primary feeling when I’m in the studio - a bull-headed, thrashy feeling. A feeling of being too quick to catch up with a rational voice in my head. At this point the studio is a place to be without elegance, my physical hand and envisioning head are not in step with each other. A bullhuman is present, as material disruptions, as heavy-handed simplification, mess, and speed’.
All Free, No Booking Required